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Welcome to the"Distillery"

Our first commercial product is tokaj GIN,  which is available from the end of 2020. Single Malt Whisky, Whiskey, and Rye Whiskey release will be at 2023.Read more
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    Our Story

    Do you know the feeling when a dream comes true? That is exactly what our story is.  We buy our raw materials from local farmers and suppliers, we use local  crystal clear spring water  which has been drinking water for centuries for the inhabitants of the village. We mature our spirit in new Hungarian oak and used Tokaj barrels.  These spirits are currently sleeping in one of a historical Tokaj cellar, and waiting for you!

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    Our Mission

    We strive for perfection and success,  and do not achieve less!  We meet the modern technology, traditions and special microclimate of the Tokaj wine region, resulting in spirits that are unique and unrepeatable anywhere in the world.