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Tokaj Gin

12,900 Ft

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In  a wonderful natural environment, we are using 21 local botanicals,  producing a small batch handcrafted distilled gin. Creating a perfect  harmony between woody and floral scents of the forests and fields of Zemplén Mountains, supplemented with citrus and Tokaji Aszu's most important ingredient, the linden-lief grapes. Our main botanicals what we use: Juniper, Coriander Seed, Forest pine bud, Cubeb,  Elderflower, Orris root, Pink grapefruit, Linden grapes, Blackcurrant,  Linden honey. 0,7l, 47% ABV Awards: THE GIN MASTERS 2020: MASTER World Gin Awards 2021: WORLD'S BEST CONTEMPORARY GIN
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